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Ohio Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury

Ohio Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury NRS Injury Law (NRS) is an Ohio-based personal injury and workers compensation law firm with offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo and Dayton. NRS's attorneys represent individuals throughout the state in a variety of practice areas, including automotive accidents, medical malpractice cases, social security and disability cases, mass tort injury cases, and more. Schedule your FREE, no-obligation case evaluation today.
Schedule your FREE, no-obligation case evaluation today.
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Why Hire The Attorneys at NRS Injury Law?

NRS Injury Law has over 30 attorneys, 100 staff, and 10 trial attorneys ready to fight for you, no matter the case type. Our experienced team can assist you whether you need help after a car accident, are injured by a medical professional, need access to disability services, or are hurt on the job.

Our staff are here to answer any questions and assist injured victims in getting the help they need. NRS provides a wealth of free information via our blog to ensure that the public and potential clients are well informed on important legal proceedings and topics. We cover how long you can be on workers’ compensation in Ohio, how workers’ compensation in Ohio works, what to do in the event of medical malpractice or mass tort, what the statute of limitations are for personal injury in Ohio, and much more.

Call toll-free 1.855.GOT.HURT (1.855.870.4141) or contact us online for a free consultation with an NRS Injury lawyer. If your injuries prevent you from coming to us, our attorneys are available 24/7 and can arrange hospital and home visits. Our workers' compensation and personal injury lawyers assist clients statewide.

Here's Why.


We Take On the Insurance Companies

To defend injury claims like yours, insurance companies and large corporations typically hire teams of experienced lawyers who go to great lengths to minimize your injuries, blame others, or even deny your claim. Our attorneys stand up to powerful insurance companies and large corporations that seek to deny injured victims fair compensation, ensuring that they pay for the harm they caused.


We Hold All Responsible Parties Liable

Under various legal codes, multiple defendants may be held liable for your injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer will conduct an investigation into your accident and assess the factors that may have contributed to your injuries. Identifying all parties who may be liable for your losses allows our legal team to clarify the path to recovery, increasing the value of your settlement. Victims who hire a personal injury attorney to represent them receive nearly three times the compensation that victims who handle their own claims receive.


We Win For Our Clients

The attorneys at NRS Injury Law have a reputation for successfully handling a variety of difficult cases, from navigating the Ohio statute of limitations on personal injury to litigating sensitive injuries from medical malpractice. We handle multiple workers’ compensation claims, personal injury cases, and mass tort cases (harmful acts or omissions that injure numerous people) all across Ohio. Our law firm fights to protect the rights of injured victims statewide, and we have recovered millions of dollars on our clients' behalf.

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys at NRS Injury Law are experts in their areas of practice and stand ready to fight for you. To learn more about the individual skills, accomplishments, and areas of legal expertise of our staff, click on the following profiles or the See All Attorneys button.
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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys and staff at NRS Injury Law handle more than 300 hearings before the Ohio Industrial Commission in a typical week and have won multiple cases before the Ohio Supreme Court. When your rights to full and fair compensation are on the line, you need highly experienced attorneys with proven records of winning personal injury cases on your side to level the playing field.

Each workers’ compensation lawyer at NRS Injury Law understands the intricacies of Ohio workers’ compensation law. They can answer common questions like, “How long can you be on workers comp in Ohio?” and “What is the statute of limitations on personal injury in Ohio?” With your case in the hands of a workers’ compensation lawyer at NRS Injury Law, you have an experienced professional who knows the ropes and who practices in this area every day. Our attorneys work relentlessly on your behalf to get you the assistance you need in your workers’ comp claim.

Car Accident Lawyers

If you’re involved in a car accident, you may face significant financial, physical, and emotional distress. The lawyers at NRS Injury Law can help. With over 300 years of combined legal experience on your side, we have the skill and drive to obtain the results you need.

While most car accident cases settle before trial, every accident lawyer at NRS has the knowledge and expertise to take your case to trial and provide you with the effective and strong representation that you need and deserve.

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