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Car Accident – Now What?
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NRS Car Accident Attorneys Throughout Ohio Help Protect Your Rights After an Accident

The worst thing you can do after a car accident is wait. The time immediately after an accident is critical for these reasons:
  • Every minute counts when dealing with serious injuries.
  • Any evidence collected can be valuable when pursuing compensation for damages and injuries.
  • Discussions with the police, insurance companies and other parties must be carefully handled to protect your rights.
Retaining an experienced automobile accident attorney from NRS Injury Law helps protect your rights and your case. But even before you contact us, you need to know how to handle the post-accident situation.

First steps after an automobile accident

All licensed drivers should know what to do after a a serious car accident. Although it might seem clear at first who the responsible party is, people often change their stories once they have had time to think. The following steps can make a major difference in the future success of your case:
  • First, call for help. Particularly if anyone at the scene has been injured, you need to get medical attention and other emergency assistance. You also need a police report to document the accident scene. A single call to 911 gets you all the help you need.
  • Gather evidence. If you or your passenger is physically able to remain on the scene, photographing the damage to all cars (with license plates), injuries and the accident scene can provide valuable evidence for your auto accident lawyer. You also need to retain items damaged in the crash, obtain a copy of the police report and save all medical records and receipts.
  • Obtain contact information from everyone involved. Try to look at licenses and insurance cards from all drivers. Jot down contact information, license and policy numbers, and expiration dates from all documents. Also, make sure you know how to contact all witnesses.
  • Don’t discuss the auto accident. There is no need to discuss what happened with anyone involved in the crash or witnesses. While you should be reasonably helpful with police, you should try to avoid admitting fault or sharing unnecessary information with them. Save frank discussions for your automobile accident lawyer!
  • Contact an NRS attorney. Our OH automobile accident attorneys can provide the advice and support you need, whether it’s through an insurance claim or more significant legal action, such as a lawsuit.

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If you or a family member has suffered personal injury or property damage in an auto accident, let an experienced car accident lawyer help you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you need help with an insurance claim, negotiating a settlement out of court, or taking your case before a jury, the automobile accident attorneys from NRS Injury Law have the skills you need to pursue your claim.

Our trusted attorneys are also experienced Ohio workers’ compensation lawyers, helping clients throughout the state.

Call an auto accident attorney from NRS toll-free at 1.855.GOT.HURT (1.855.977.6670) or contact us by filling out our No-Risk Consultation form.
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