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Five Social Security Disability Myths

Chances are somebody you know has a personal story about recovering Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Unfortunately, you may be left with a patchwork of information that is more myth than reality. And uncovering the truth can require you to dig through layers of complex regulations and convoluted policies.

The Ohio State Bar Association helps you unravel SSD facts from fiction:

  • Myth: The amount of money an injured worker collects from both workers’ compensation and SSD may equal more than if he or she or he went back to work.
  • Reality: You are only entitled to up to 80 percent of your income combined in Social Security and workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Myth: It is easier to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) than Social Security Disability.
  • Reality: SSI is a separate program that allows people who don’t qualify for SSD to recover benefits, but the rules are the same for both.
  • Myth: I feel like I am well enough to return to work, but I am concerned I’m going to automatically lose my SSD.
  • Reality: You are granted a nine-month trial period, during which time you do not lose your benefits. If at that point, the government can prove that you have a significant medical improvement and you have earned more than $1,040 in gross monthly income, you may then lose your benefits.
  • Myth: I can collect Social Security Disability if I am partially disabled.
  • Reality: You are only eligible for SSD for permanent, total disability — meaning you cannot maintain substantial gainful employment for at least one year.
  • Myth: The application process for Social Security Disability takes a long time.
  • Reality: Approximately 40 percent of SSD applications get approved very quickly. The ones that take a long time are typically those that go through the review and reconsideration phases.

A Cleveland SSD benefits attorney can help you get your application right the first time, so you can begin receiving your payments as soon as possible.

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