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Fun Spring Activities in Cleveland, Ohio

Spring is officially here, and we can't help but feel excited! The sun is shining brighter, the days are getting longer, and the temperature is starting to warm up. With less inclement weather, we're finally able to enjoy all the activities we've missed throughout the colder months, and we're ready to embrace the new season

If you’ve been filled with new energy as we have and are looking for fun spring activities in Cleveland, read on for our favorite selections.

Ten of Our Favorite Spring Activities in Cleveland

  1. It’s Maple Syrup Time! Every spring, local farms across Ohio engage in the Buckeye State tradition of tapping maple trees, drawing maple sap, and processing that sap into maple syrup. Some farms host maple syrup festivals which allow locals to learn about the process of maple syrup production. Events include historical demonstrations showing how the sap was harvested and processed during colonial times. Some events host a pancake breakfast (complete with fresh maple syrup, of course). Check out this website for 21 maple syrup festivals across Northeast Ohio.[1]
  1. Get Ready for a Canal Boat Ride! Another Northeast Ohio tradition is to take a canal ride (rides begin in April) along the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail. The City of Canal Fulton, 45 minutes due south from downtown Cleveland, offers canal rides complete with canal boats towed by horses! Each tour also has a guide that provides a rich history discussion about the canals, the route that lay partially along the path of the Cuyahoga and Tuscarawas River valley, and the important commercial benefit of the canals during Ohio’s industrial development. To learn more or schedule a canal ride, visit the City of Canal Fulton website.[2]
  1. Frisbee Golf, Anyone? A popular sport in Cleveland, frisbee golf, or “frolf” (also called disc golfing), is available in several Cleveland neighborhoods. The sport has grown in popularity across America because it’s great for all ages, easy to learn, and can be played without a lot of special equipment. The U Disc website has plenty of information on disc golf courses across Cleveland and lists local leagues one can join.[3]
  1. Go for a Stroll on Stroller-Friendly Trails. NRS Injury Law feels strongly about prioritizing accessibility and ensuring everyone in Cleveland can enjoy outdoor activities during spring. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight hiking trails and outdoor walking paths that are both wheelchair and stroller friendly, enabling the whole family to enjoy a pleasant walk, wheel, or stroll through one of Cleveland’s many metro parks and regional nature preserves. Northeast Ohio Family Fun has collected a database of more than 75 such trails across Cleveland.[4]
  1. Visit an Outdoor Garden or Arboretum. Cleveland has over a dozen gardens and arboretums, beautiful natural spaces that are just beginning to come alive in April. While picking just one garden to visit is difficult, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens are our favorite, combining cultural history and art with the beauty of a well-tended landscape. Quoting the group that cares for the gardens, “Some 35 dedicated gardens, designed and cultivated by distinct cultural or nationality groups, adorn the drive along Martin Luther King Boulevard and East Boulevard in Rockefeller Park. Depicted in the gardens are the poets, philosophers, peacemakers, composers, scientists, and others who have contributed to world culture.” Check out the Cleveland Cultural Gardens website for more information on enjoying these gardens in spring.[5]
  1. Enjoy High Water Levels at a Local Waterfall. Spring snow melt means northeast Ohio’s waterfalls will be quite impressive! From Mill Creek Falls to Great Falls to Tinkers Creek and the Berea Falls Scenic Overlook, Cleveland’s waterfalls arguably look their best during spring. With its 65-foot drop, Brandywine Falls looks especially spectacular this time of year.[6]
  1. Take a Tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Admission is always free at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the museum regularly adds new exhibits that can amaze the mind and move the soul. Currently, the museum is featuring an exhibit called ‘The Tudors,’ which examines the art and majesty of Renaissance England.[7]
  1. Get the Kids Building! Spring is the perfect time to plan for summer DIY projects, and if you have children, now is a great time to get them excited about DIY projects and how they might participate. To assist with this, Home Depots in Cleveland offer the free Home Depot Kids Workshop, which delivers courses on different building projects each month and provides a safe, creative, and hands-on parent-child experience for Cleveland residents. Check out the Home Depot website for a store near you that offers the workshop![8]
  1. Learn About the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Science Center provides a unique learning experience to inform visitors about the importance of Cleveland’s neighbor, the Great Lakes! From educational courses for all ages to afternoon tours to museum-style exhibits and events, the Center maintains a full program during spring, so be sure to check out their website for details.[9]
  1. When in Doubt, Head on Downtown! Downtown Cleveland is always a good time, no matter the time of year, but springtime brings an energy to the district that is simply unparalleled. The official ‘This is Cleveland’ website has a full event roster and activity list for people who want to spend their spring free time in the downtown area, so be sure to check that (and check back, as new events, changes, new activities, sudden popups, schedule shifts, cancellations, add-ons, and festivals are often posted when you least expect it![10]

Happy Spring from NRS Injury Law!

Spring means the winter is finally over. At last! We can put our cold weather clothes away, take the snow tires off our vehicles, and – fingers crossed – put the snow shovels, snowblowers, and ice melt back in storage. Our team at NRS Injury Law is excited about the new season, and we hope you are too. Spring is beautiful all on its own, and it means summer is around the corner too.

We wish you a safe, rewarding, productive, and enjoyable spring. But should misfortune strike, if you need any legal help this spring due to a workplace injury, personal injury, car accident, or other hardship that resulted from another person's or business's negligence, please don’t hesitate to call NRS Injury Law today at 855.468.4878 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We're here to help.

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