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Long Term Work Related Injuries

A worker in Ohio who sustains a complicated long term work related injury or contracts a long term work related illness can be covered in a workers' compensation claim. These types of claims are more difficult for the BWC to administer as the BWC system seems to be better at handling minor injuries rather than major injuries and illnesses. However, long term medical care is available if it is requested properly and if the sufficient medical evidence is provided to the BWC.

Injured workers can receive wheelchairs, hospital beds, prosthetics, medications, long term rehabilitation services and long term physical therapy. In addition, home modifications and vehicle modifications can be approved to help accommodate the injured worker. The BWC does have frequent medication reviews done by physicians when someone has been on certain medications for an extensive period of time, so the prescribing physician will have to provide medical evidence to support the need for the continuing medication.

There is a process that needs to be followed to obtain medical services. A request must be made by the treating physician. That request will be reviewed by a managed care organization or a self insured employer. If the request is approved by the MCO or self insured employer the services can be rendered. If the request is denied a hearing will be held before the Industrial Commission of Ohio and a hearing officer will decide if the medical services should be authorized.

Long term care is available to injured workers in Ohio but you need to know how to request it and how to support that request. It is important to have someone who knows the system help you and represent you to get the care that you need.

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