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Northeast Ohio Traffic Tragedy

In the wake of the recent tragedy that cost the life of veteran Mentor Police Officer Matthew Mazany , it's time we in Northeast Ohio and drivers across the country have a serious wake up call.

In the short 72 hours surrounding this horrific event, Route 2 and route 90 were closed as a result of THREE separate preventable crashes. The small span of freeway is only a fraction of a nationwide problem. Drivers simply don't value the safety and sanctity of human life on the roadways.

Lessons Learned in Tragedy

The lessons we can take away from the accidents that occurred recently are sobering. Pay extra attention, don’t drink or text and drive, don’t speed and give proper consideration to motorists and emergency personnel helping accident victims on the roadsides.

Move Over for Law Enforcement

Car accident attorneyThere is absolutely no logical explanation for drivers failing to move over and slow down for emergency responders and roadside workers, or any driver in a disabled vehicle on the highway shoulder. If an emergency response vehicle is pulled over, do your best to pull into the lanes away from the response vehicles or at the very least, slow down to pass!

If emergency response vehicles are driving on the highway in the same direction of traffic, it is the law to move over and slow down, allowing for them to safely pass in the other lane.

Slow Down

Generally speaking, slow down! Speed limits are established specifically for safety, but even the most law abiding citizens seem eager to ignore. Drive the speed limit if traffic allows, and in slowdowns be sure to drive the safest speed possible to allow for proper following distance. Be aware of vehicles around you, in front of you and to the side.

Pay Attention

Put away the phones, make up, burgers, razors, books, GPS and dash systems etc. In our lifetime, we will likely see the technology that disables all electronics when the car is in motion – but until then, it is our responsibility as a driver to pay attention!

Drive Sober

There is zero excuse here, endangering your own life and the lives of others is completely negligent. Call a friend, Uber, Lyft or take public transportation – Regardless, do not get behind the wheel if you have consumed drugs or alcohol (or if you are extremely fatigued).

Let’s all do our part to keep our roads and highways a safe. Commit to being a safe and responsible driver and urge others in your life to do the same. This sad sequence of accidents is just a small fraction of the tragedies that can be prevented each and every day.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed as a result of another drivers’ negligence, call NRS Injury Law today. Our experienced attorneys have the resources and skills necessary to gain you the compensation you deserve. Contact Nager, Romaine and Schneiberg for a free accident injury case evaluation today!

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