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NRS Injury Law Endorses Judge Terri Jamison

Judge Terri Jamison is serving as a judge on the Ohio Tenth District Court of Appeals. She is running for the Ohio Supreme Court to ensure accountability and that all Ohioans are protected equally under the law. Her focus has been on criminal law, children and family law, and fairness between public and private interests. She believes that “Ohioans deserve a fourth justice who believes strongly in democracy, an independent court, and that justice should be accessible to all.”

“I am seeking election to the Ohio Supreme Court for two fundamental reasons: First, to preserve and strengthen the Court’s Constitutionally granted status as an independent and co-equal branch of state government, and, Second, to use my seat on the Supreme Court to ensure that the promise of “Equal Justice Under Law” becomes a reality for all Ohioans. “

  • Judge Terri Jamison

The Ohio Supreme Court is the highest court in the State of Ohio with final authority on the interpretation of the Ohio Constitution and laws of the State. The Supreme Court also resolves inconsistencies in the application of law being applied in the trial and appellate courts of Ohio's 88 distinct counties. NRS Injury Law fights for the rights of injured workers and accident victims, and we prioritize the support of judicial candidates who will protect our clients' rights. With that in mind, NRS Injury Law supports JUSTICE BRUNNER, JUDGE JAMISON, and JUDGE ZAYAS for OHIO SUPREME COURT.

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