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NRS Injury Law Endorses Justice Jennifer Brunner

Justice Jennifer L. Brunner is the 162nd Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. She is currently running to be Ohio's 11th Chief Justice. Her platform includes a justice system that operates on accountability, openness, and fairness. Justice Brunner draws heavily on her judicial background and her former experience as Ohio's Secretary of State to create a court system that is truly a People's Court. She supports bail reform, more community participation in the justice system, programs addressing systemic racism in the criminal justice system, and programs focusing on environmental justice.

“Administrative and policy leadership of the court is not about an ideology of who should win and who should lose,” Justice Brunner said. “It is about a belief and understanding that courts are only as effective as people believe them to be. Good judges and fair courts can make all the difference in the confidence Ohioans have in their judiciary. And that confidence makes our courts more effective.” - Justice Jennifer Brunner The Ohio Supreme Court is the highest court in the State of Ohio with final authority on the interpretation of the Ohio Constitution and laws of the State. The Supreme Court also resolves inconsistencies in the application of law being applied in the trial and appellate courts of Ohio's 88 distinct counties. NRS Injury Law fights for the rights of injured workers and accident victims, and we prioritize the support of judicial candidates who will protect our clients' rights. With that in mind, NRS Injury Law supports JUSTICE BRUNNER, JUDGE JAMISON, and JUDGE ZAYAS for OHIO SUPREME COURT.

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