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Ohio Auto Accident Statistics

You have probably seen your share of auto accidents, and chances are you’ve been in at least one. But how frequently do collisions occur? Provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation, below are statistics for auto accidents in the State of Ohio for the year 2011:

  • An estimated 2.6 deadly auto accidents occurred each day
  • Every five minutes, a person was injured in a car wreck
  • A person died in an automobile accident every 8.6 hours
  • Nearly 295 people suffered injury in auto accidents every day
  • 64.5 percent of all crashes took place during the daytime
  • Automobile wrecks killed 36 children and injured 8,228 children through age 14
  • The DOT found that following too close, failure to control or yield, driving at unsafe speeds and improper lane changing were some of the most common causes of collisions
  • 4.32 percent of all crashes involved alcohol impaired drivers
  • Drunk drivers were found to be involved in 36.35 percent of all fatal crashes
  • In the state of Ohio, 83.5 percent of motorists wear seatbelts in comparison with the national average which is 84 percent
  • 169 people died and 1,064 were seriously injured in motorcycle accidents
  • Motorcycle riders were responsible in 74.1 percent of motorcycle-related fatal crashes collisions
  • Driver error was to blame for 86.2 percent of all crashes and 95 percent of all fatal accidents

The statistics for car accidents in Ohio are staggering. If you or a loved one is injured in any type of auto collision, seek immediate medical help. Then contact a reputable injury lawyer.

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