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Preventing Heat Related Illness in Outdoor Workers

The dog days of summer are over but the high temperatures can continue through September and October. With this in mind workers should know that heat and heat related illness can be compensable through the Bureau of Workers Compensation.

These high temperature days can best be overcome with a little planning.  First dress accordingly.  Light weight, and loose fitting clothes are good choices for the day.  For people working outdoors a hat or sun visor can help too.  Pack and drink water often.  Frequent water breaks are important to keep the body functioning properly.  At least one bottle of Gatorade should be on hand in case of severe heat symptoms.  Breaks should be taken in the shade or if available in air conditioned environments.

If you do start to feel dizzy, light headed or just sick, get to a safe spot (in the shade or in an air conditioned place) and sit down.  Start sipping Gatorade.  If water is available, wet a scarf or paper towel and place on the forehead/back of the neck to cool the body.  If you do not start feeling better or if you lose consciousness seek medical attention.

If you believe you have a heat related illness, please contact the Ohio workers comp attorneys at NRS by filling out our contact form or call (855)GOT-HURT to discuss the facts.

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