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Report Your Work Injury Immediately

I have a lot of people ask me, if I was injured on the job, should I report it? The short answer is yes. To protect yourself when you are injured on the job, it needs to be documented immediately. Whether or not immediate medical attention is required, tell your supervisor.  If your supervisor is not there, send an email, leave a voice mail, or report to another supervisor there. Further, some employers have written policies that require the immediate reporting of any injury.

A lot of people who are injured on the job do not seek immediate medical attention. For example, someone hurts their back on the job and they think if I rest it for the weekend then I will be better and I don’t need medical treatment. This is a fact of human nature. But there is no reason for you not to document the injury.

Some of the most common reasons a workers’ compensation claim is denied is for lack of reporting and/or lack of immediate medical attention. It is extremely difficult to overcome when both those reasons exist.

Some employers will try to find a way to get rid of you for having an injury on the job. This is not legal but it does not stop some employers. There is an Ohio law that states employers shall not discriminate against employees for having injuries on the job.

In the event you are hurt at work, or terminated after reporting a workers' compensation injury, you need to seek immediate legal advice. Contact the Ohio workers comp lawyers at NRS Injury Law by filling out our form, or call (855)GOT-HURT and speak with one of our trained staff members.

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