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Social Media Impact on Workers Compensation Claims

Social media is everywhere these days. From Facebook to YouTube to Twitter to Instagram, there are more ways than ever to communicate with the world. What individuals who suffer work-related injuries often fail to realize until it’s too late is that what they post on these websites have extremely negative impacts on their workers’ compensation case.

Employers have learned that an injured worker’s social media accounts can be treasure troves of information that can be used to harm the injured worker’s workers’ compensation claim. Employers have used pictures of an injured worker smiling or appearing to have fun to show that can't be injured to the extent they claim. Another common employer tactic is to search for and use an injured worker’s Facebook comments or Twitter posts to demonstrate an exaggerated or false injury. Finally, Employers have used an injured worker’s pictures or videos performing activities that the worker has stated that they could no longer perform due to a work-related injury to undermine and destroy the worker’s workers’ compensation claim.


So what is the solution? In an ideal world, injured workers would not post anything on social media at all. This ensures that their workers’ compensation claim cannot be harmed in anyway. However, if you have to use social media, these tips can end up making a difference in your workers’ compensation claim.

First, always make sure you are aware of who can access your social media accounts. If you don’t, employers or anyone else can monitor the accounts and wait for something that can be used to harm your workers’ compensation claim. Second, don’t accept friend or follower requests from strangers. Employers have been known to make these requests in hopes to discover damaging information. Finally, post as little as possible about your workers’ compensation claim. Do not post descriptions, pictures, or videos of your injuries or any case specific information.

The truth about social media as it relates to workers’ compensation claims is that it can do nothing but harm your claim. If you have any questions about social media’s impact on workers’ compensation claims, please contact the Ohio workers comp attorneys at NRS Injury Law by using our contact form, or call toll free at (855)GOT-HURT to discuss the facts .

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