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Types of Workplace Injuries

If you suffer an injury at work, your workers compensation benefits should cover all or most of your medical expenses and lost wages. Yet not all injuries are covered by workers comp. Specifically, psychiatric conditions are not covered by worker’s compensation in Ohio — except when they are caused by an occupational hazard or disease. In addition, worker’s compensation will not cover you if you are injured at a work-sponsored softball game or other recreational activity that you voluntarily attended and signed a waiver for. You may not receive workers comp benefits if your injury arose from intoxication, fighting or intentional self-injury.

Those who do qualify for workers comp benefits are often the victims of similar types of injuries. The list below contains examples of typical workers compensation injuries:

  • Slip and fall injuries: Whether you work in an office or a factory, you could suffer from a slip and fall injury. Regardless of whether a crumpled rug or piece of construction debris is responsible for your fall, if it happened at work, you have a right to file for workers comp. Common slip and fall injuries include joint pain, head injuries, neck pain and back pain.
  • Lifting injuries: If your job requires you to lift equipment or materials, you could sustain a back injury that may affect your work and personal life. An attorney who focuses on handling personal injury and workers compensation cases can provide you with trustworthy advice on what to do next.
  • Machinery accidents: Although more common in the construction industry, machinery accidents can also happen in corporate settings. If, while at work, you sustain an injury because of machinery, you are entitled to file a claim to obtain worker’s compensation.
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