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Youre Not Alone: These Famous Celebs Have Found Themselves in Similar Situations

Motor vehicle accidents can happen to anyone. Drunk or distracted drivers are frequently responsible for mayhem on the streets. But when celebrities have collisions, it’s usually front-page news.

  • Nothing succeeds like excess. Unfortunately for Charlie Sheen, two of his excessively expensive cars were “stolen” and driven over the cliffs of Hollywood Hills. Sheen claims he was not at the wheel, but it’s hard to believe that both his cars met the same random fate. Is he really a terrible driver, or is he the victim of his karma?
  • Heather Locklear not only hit a “No Parking” sign with her BMW, but she also fled the scene. Locklear beat the hit-and-run rap after enduring a not-so-pretty mug shot.
  • Basketball’s favorite bad boy Dennis Rodman lived to tell the tale of a seriously scary car wreck. While riding in a Range Rover on Interstate 95 in Florida, a tire blew out and flipped the vehicle three times. Rodman walked away from the accident. No word on the driver, but the Range Rover didn’t fare too well.
  • Mel Gibson must have been displeased with the bad press he was getting and decided to take it out on his car. The “Road Warrior” lost control of his 2008 Maserati and bounced it off some rocks. He wasn’t drunk or distracted. He’s just not a very good driver.

While it might be entertaining to hear about celebrities who wreck their cars, it’s no fun to be in an accident. If you’ve been hit and hurt by a famous person or a civilian, contact us. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.

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