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Trevor R.C. Davis

Background Information
Awards & Recognition
Honors from The Ohio Center for Law-Related Studies
Cali Award in Remedies
University of Dayton, 2019
University of Dayton School of Law, 2022

Trevor R.C. Davis is an associate attorney at NRS Injury Law, focusing on workers' compensation out of the Cincinnati office. In 2019 Trevor Graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in Computer Engineering, and in 2022 Graduated from The University of Dayton School of Law.

Trevor's always loved problem-solving, whether in legal matters or engineering. He aspires to help clients quickly and efficiently get their claims settled and get what they deserve, whether that is through the Ohio workers' compensation system or litigation.

Trevor prides himself on being an active member of the community! He's been involved in Relay for Life and United Way for 15 years. He founded Flyers Against Drunk Driving and has been an officer in a myriad of organizations. Some of his proudest awards include honors from The Ohio Center for Law-Related Studies and a Cali award in remedies.

Community Activities:
Relay for Life
United Way
Flyers Against Drunk Driving
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EXT: 362
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