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Ensuring victims of nursing home neglect in Ohio receive compensation and justice.

Deciding to place an elderly family member in a nursing home is difficult enough without having to worry whether he or she might suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of a trusted caretaker. You can do your best to pick the right long-term care (LTC) facility for your loved one, including asking for recommendations, visiting potential nursing homes and LTC facilities, and researching them online. But what happens when, despite your careful choices, you or your elderly loved one still suffers from nursing home abuse or neglect?
At NRS Injury Law, our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys believe every person is entitled to safe and comfortable long-term care. NRS strives to end elder neglect by punishing nursing homes, LTC facilities, and caregivers that abuse and neglect their residents. NRS’s Ohio nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers do this by obtaining monetary damages to help compensate you or your family members for the harm done.

Examples of nursing home neglect and abuse

Nursing home neglect includes abandonment and failure by a caregiver to provide a nursing home resident with life necessities, such as food, water, clothing, shelter, personal hygiene, medicine, comfort, personal safety and other essentials. Nursing home abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse. Examples of abuse and neglect include:
  • Dirty or inadequate clothing
  • Inadequate medical care for physical and mental health needs
  • Falls during transportation or as a result of lack of care
  • Health and safety hazards
  • Abuse from other residents
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Poor hygiene or bed sores
  • Untreated health problems
  • Verbal or mental abuse
  • Sexual or physical abuse
  • Corporal punishment
  • Solitary confinement
  • Physical or chemical restraints
  • Physical punishment
  • Force feeding

Visit the National Center on Elder Abuse database to research nursing homes and claims of abuse.

Protecting your rights to safe nursing home care

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, between one and two million Americans age 65 or older have been injured, exploited or mistreated by a caregiver whom they depended upon. At NRS Injury Law, we believe these statistics are far too high are ready to take action. Our attorneys strive to protect our elderly loved ones by diligently pursuing elder abuse and neglect claims. If you or an elderly family member suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect, or you suspect they may have, let the nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers of NRS help. Call NRS Injury Law toll-free at 1.855.GOT.HURT (1.855.977.6670) today or contact us by filling out our No-Risk Consultation form.
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