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Workers’ Compensation Retaliation by Employers in Ohio

Ohio Workers’ Compensation – Retaliation by Employers
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Lawyers fighting back against illegal conduct by employers

NRS Injury Law is client centered and service oriented. Our workers’ compensation attorneys understand how frustrating an on-the-job injury or occupational disease that limits your ability to work and earn an income can be. Our firm strives to guide you through the workers’ comp process to help you obtain your rightful benefits and make your life easier.

Because the lawyers of NRS are dedicated to protecting your rights, they find it especially objectionable when an employer retaliates against you for filing a workers’ comp claim.
If you have filed a workers’ comp claim in Ohio, your employer cannot take adverse actions against you as punishment for your claim. If they do, our NRS lawyers sue your employer for their illegal conduct.
Examples of workers’ comp retaliation
Ohio workers’ compensation law makes it illegal for any employer to discharge, demote, reassign or take any punitive action against employees because they filed a workers’ compensation claim for an injury or occupational disease. Examples of employer retaliation include the following:
Harassment or threats
Refusing to rehire
Passing up for a promotion
Decreased wages or benefits
Negative scheduling
Negative change in job duties
Poor performance review
Negative reassignment, reclassification or transfer
Negative references for other employment
It is important to realize that, on their own, these employer actions may not be illegal. They are only illegal when they are done in retaliation for a workers’ comp claim.

NRS attorneys help you seek remedies for retaliation

If your employer has taken negative action against you because of your workers’ comp claim, the lawyers of NRS can help you stop their illegal action and seek remedies in court. If your employer fired you in retaliation for your claim, our attorneys seek reinstatement and back pay. If you were demoted, reassigned or harmed by another punitive action, our lawyers assist you in suing for lost wages.
If you have been injured in a workplace accident or suffer from an occupational disease, recovery should be your focus. You should never have to suffer the harmful consequences of retaliation by your employer. The attorneys of NRS Injury Law fight for you and against bad employers to help you obtain the wages you deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced NRS attorney today, call us toll-free at 1.855.GOT.HURT (1.855.977.6670) or contact us by filling out our No-Risk Consultation form.
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