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Buy Safe, Drive Safe, Stay Safe: Brought to You by the NHTSA

In the past, safety was not one of the top criteria people considered when shopping for a new car, and hearing safety news about your car might have come by accident. In order to provide consumers with information they need, when they need it, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released an app to provide timely, topical information about the car you drive.

The Safer Car app released by NHTSA in March of this year is available free from iTunes. Currently released for the iPhone and iPod Touch, an Android compatible version of the app is under development.

At the same time of the launch of the Safer Car app, NHTSA released an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable developers to integrate data available on the app into other products and mobile services.

Intended to connect consumers and drivers with information important to them, the Safer Car app provides the following:

  • By registering your vehicle, you can receive information on safety updates or other headlines about your car. When NHTSA publishes information about a recall, you will know right away.
  • When shopping for a car to buy or lease, use the app to compare safety ratings among models or among other cars. Learn about crash test ratings and how they help you drive a safer car.
  • Car seats are essential equipment for younger family members. Get information about installing a car seat correctly or find the closest available location to get help with your car seat.

Staying safe begins with the equipment you drive. Keep your car maintained and keep abreast of news about your car with the Safer Car app. And if you are injured in a car accident in Cleveland, always seek experienced legal advice.

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