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Ask any motorcyclist, and they’ll likely tell you there are few things they enjoy more than hitting the open road on their iron horse. Given the long winter season here in Ohio, it’s no stretch at all to understand the passion that motorcyclists have for this pastime.

Despite the innumerable pleasures of motorcycling, serious injury remains an ever-present danger—even at low speeds, and even for the most experienced riders. Whether it’s due to road or weather conditions, equipment malfunctions, rider error or the actions of other motorists on the road, literally thousands of motorcycle accidents happen every year, and the consequences can be debilitating—even fatal.

In fact, in 2014, the Ohio Department of Public Safety reported 2,910 injury crashes involving motorcycles, 141 of which were fatal. While it’s natural to think that young adults (i.e., ages 21-25) are most prone to motorcycle accidents, the Department’s statistics showed that actually, adults ages 41-55 are just as prone to motorcycle accidents.

Given the high number of motorcycle accidents that occur each year on Ohio highways and byways, it’s absolutely critical that motorcyclists practice safe cycling. This includes the use of protective gear (e.g., helmet, protective pants and jackets, motorcycle boots, motorcycle riding gloves, rain gear and protective glasses), as well as safe riding habits. It’s also essential that riders be properly trained and licensed prior to hitting the open road.

With any injury that occurs in or on a moving vehicle, there is a cause and an effect – and these variables are used to determine who or what is at fault in the incident. Motorcycle accidents are no different; when they occur, someone or something is to blame. As mentioned earlier, there are many possible causes for motorcycle accidents. Yet one cause in particular seems to be particularly prevalent: other motorists. Motorcycles are not as visible to vehicles as cars and trucks—they are smaller and easier to overlook, especially in heavy traffic and at intersections. Consequently, motorists can be prone to causing accidents that involve motorcycles.

In cases of motorcycle accidents that are caused by an individual other than the cyclist, the victim and their family should by all means make a claim for injury. This will enable them to collect compensation they deserve for injuries and damages caused in the accident.

No-Cost Evaluation

Filing a personal injury lawsuit following a motorcycle accident can seem like an overwhelming task for the injured rider and/or their loved ones. The accident itself is a damaging – even life-threatening – experience. The personal injury attorneys at Nager, Romaine & Schneiberg Co., L.P.A. understand how difficult this can be, and they are committed to making this process easier. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are highly knowledgeable regarding the complexities of vehicular accidents and offer the personalized service that motorcycle accident victims deserve. Our skilled attorneys have extensive experience litigating motorcycle accident and death cases.

In the event you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle-related accident – or if a loved one was killed in a motorcycle-related accident – you need to seek immediate legal advice. Contact the Ohio personal injury attorneys at NRS Injury Law by filling out our No-Risk Consultation form, or call (855) GOT-HURT and speak with one of our trained staff members. Learn more about the issues unique to motorcycle accidents by visiting our motorcycle accident page or from the safety and training resources listed below.

Motorcycle safety and training resources:

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating for millions of people; nothing really compares to the open road experience of a motorcycle ride.  For many, speed and risk are no doubt part of the attraction! Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are at a much greater risk for accidents and severe injury.  Whether you prefer to drive two wheels or four, each and every driver is equally responsible for highway and byway safety.

In 2015 alone, more than 88,000 people were injured in motorcycle accidents in the US.  Sadly, of those injured, 5,000 lost their lives!  Motorcycles account for a small fraction of registered vehicles, but account for over 14% of accident fatalities… this is a staggering number!


Motorcycle Safety


Motorcycle use has increased about 3% from 2006 to 2015, partially as a result of increased traffic, gas costs and accessibility.  Unfortunately, this increase is associated with an increase in injury and death!

Riders must adhere to posted speeds, use of helmet/eye protection and accurate operation is essential.  Drive defensively, be cautious, and drive sober! Over 30% of deaths in 2014 were drunk driving related.  Unsafe speeds accounted for another 30%. Age is a factor as well - riders over age 50 accounted for 35% of all fatalities in 2015.

For automobile and truck drivers, do as the sign says – look twice to save a life! Motorcycles can be obscured from site by another vehicle or by blind spot.   Change lanes carefully and don’t speed or drive drunk.

If you or someone you loved was injured or killed in a motorcycle related accident, call our highly experienced accident attorneys today. Nager, Romaine & Schneiberg Co., L.P.A. injury attorneys have won hundreds of millions of dollars for injured victims.

Hitting the open road is certainly not without risk. Every year motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of danger due to driver negligence and even their own risky behavior. It is not uncommon in today’s crazy world to see a motorcycle rider texting while driving or popping wheelies down the highway!

Motorcycle riders accounted for 13% of all US traffic fatalities in 2016, despite accounting for only 3% of all registered vehicles. With almost 5,000 fatalities and over 88,000 injuries – The serious nature of motorcycle safety cannot be ignored.

Rider Safety

The reality is that most riders are male, equating to 91% of the motorcycle fatality statistics. Of that, riders 50 and older made up 36% of the fatalities in 2016. Motorcycles are more powerful and faster than ever before, and the dangerous road conditions are worse than ever.

As a motorcycle rider, you must be vigilant every time you hit the streets, or you literally will hit the streets!
• Always wear a helmet and proper attire
• Drive Sober
• Pay attention to the weather
• Use proper driving etiquette
• Drive defensively – Always assume cars may not notice you
• Complete proper driving courses

Driver Safety

As a licensed driver we are bestowed one of the largest responsibilities in life and that is to drive safely. In the warmer months, adding motorcycles into the mix of traffic and chaos requires even more vigilance.
The well known saying “look twice to save a life” is imperative. Motorcycle riders can easily be concealed in our vehicles’ blind spots or within everyday traffic patterns. It is critical to take your time and ensure you are not heading into the path of an oncoming rider or changing lanes without clear distance.

Distracted drivers are also particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. A car, truck or van is simply no match for a bike that offers the rider zero protection at impact. Considering the average distraction is about 5 seconds, which is the time it takes to drive the length of a football field at 55 MPH, you can only imagine the damage that can be done to an individual on a motorcycle.

Take the responsibility of owning and operating a motorcycle seriously, and urge your riding friends to do so as well. As drivers, we all need to do our part to make our roads a safe place for all.

If you or someone you love was seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, call NRS Injury Law today for a free case consultation. There is no fee unless we win, and we have the experience to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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