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Distracted Driving in Wintertime

Distracted Driving is a Serious Issue in the Winter

We’ve all passed a motorist on the road doing something alarming; Whether applying makeup, blindly eating a Big Mac or fussing with tiny passengers in the back seat – It’s hard not to show our dismay! However, somewhere along the line we have become a nation of distracted drivers not giving a second thought to someone texting, talking on the phone or playing with the newest dash technology.

Distracted driving is dangerous all year, but extremely perilous in the winter months. Inclement weather can quickly turn deadly if a driver is not giving it their full attention. Lawmakers and the Ohio Department of Transportation are scrambling for ways to fight this, but at the end of the day the responsibility falls in our laps as drivers.

Distracted Driving Data

From the flashing signs on the highway to the news headlines, the facts and figures relating to distracted driving are downright terrifying. In Ohio alone, ODOT reports an annual average of 20,000 distracted driving accidents each year.

Everything from simulators to accident debris displays are used as scare tactics to get through to drivers of all ages. While the national average shows a slight decline in distracted driving related accidents, we Ohioans still have a long way to go to improve!

Variable Speed Limits

Lake County is home to a pioneer program whereby variable speed limits have been enacted along a treacherous stretch of Route 90. Recently passed through Ohio law, variable speed limits can now be used in inclement weather, having previously been reserved solely for construction zones.

Variable speed limits will play a dual role - to slow drivers down and force attention on a stretch of highway that is known for rapidly changing conditions and numerous accidents each year.

Distracted Driving Responsibilities

As drivers, we all have to do our part to drive cautiously and be aware every time we get behind the wheel. Operating a vehicle is one of the largest responsibilities bestowed upon us in life and we as a society have become very complacent. Every single time you hit the road, you are personally responsible for countless lives around you!

Do your part to end distracted driving;

Drive! Keep your mind and your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel.

Delay: Do not text, call or talk to text at any time – Whether you are on a device or using a hands free system. Build a habit by removing the temptation, and keep your phone off or in the trunk!

Discourage! Don’t promote or condone distracted driving by friends or family, and don’t set a poor example for your passengers.

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