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Inadequate Machine Guards Can Result in Serious Work Injuries

Lack of or inadequate guards on machines have the potential to cause serious work injuries.  OSHA reports that missing or inadequate guards account for a majority of their citations. Machine guards can be quite sophisticated. Companies are now making automated barrier doors, retractable curtains and screens, safety fencing and automated curtains. In addition there are safeguarding products for fabricating machines and safeguarding products for cutting and turning machines available.

Guards are placed on machines for a reason-worker safety.  As we know, sometimes employers can manipulate a machine to work more quickly or in a different capacity than it was made to do. If a guard is missing or damaged a worker can contact OSHA by calling 1-800-321-6742 for an investigation.

If a worker is injured by a machine where a guard is damaged or missing, a workers compensation claim should be filed. In addition a violation of a specific safety violation can be filed. This application, if awarded, results in additional compensation to the injured worker.

Worker safety should be the highest priority. Having proper guards that are well maintained is essential to protect workers. Employers are also encouraged to contact OSHA for free suggestions.

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