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Learn Your Limits: Ohio Takes Workers Comp Fraud Seriously

If there's one state where you don't want to engage in workers compensation fraud, it's Ohio. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, or BWC, aggressively pursues individuals who engage in this type of fraud. Through its special investigations unit, or SID, the BWC is tasked with deterring, detecting, investigating and prosecuting cases of workers compensation fraud. If you find yourself the focus of such an investigation, it is critical to line up competent legal counsel right away. Without doing so, you will be facing formidable battle completely on your own.

Handle workers compensation cases with care

With the wealth of paperwork and documentation required to file a successful workers comp claim, law-abiding individuals run afoul of the system in many different ways. All too often, people are simply misinformed or uninformed about what is acceptable and what isn't. To ensure that you don't overstep the boundaries of Ohio's workers compensation system, you should retain an experienced attorney to assist you with your case. This is the best way to reduce the risk of becoming the focus of a BWC investigation, which could cause serious problems for you — everyday people are frequently convicted of workers compensation fraud in Ohio.

Arm yourself with the right information

It's easy to become confused and to make serious mistakes. The right lawyer will make sure all of the paperwork is filled out properly and that the information that you provide is factual and relevant. A wealth of information about workers compensation claims in Ohio is available at the Ohio BWC website. Before filing for workers compensation, educate yourself about how the process works. Keep in mind that working while collecting benefits and filing false claims can result in serious penalties. At the same time, it's crucial to protect your rights, and the right attorney can help.

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