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Limo and Passenger Vehicle Safety

With the recent tragedy in New York, now is as good a time as ever to discuss safety when it comes to riding in a passenger vehicle. While there are always safety concerns when you use a motor vehicle, there are some things that are unique to vehicles designed to transport large numbers of people.

If you are planning on using a limo—or any other passenger vehicle—here are some tips to help keep you, and your loved ones, safe.

Limo Safety

Ensure All Applicable Inspections and Licensing Are Current

Many states and municipalities require certain types of safety inspections for vehicles designed to carry large numbers of passengers. In addition, the people driving these vehicles will frequently be required to obtain a special license (involving, presumably, training on the unique challenges involved in operating the vehicles).

Before you get into a passenger vehicle, you should check to be sure all the licensing is in order. Has the vehicle passed all relevant safety inspections? Is the driver properly certified to operate the vehicle? In the case of the recent crash, the answer to both of these questions was “no.”

The requirements of the law are in place to protect you. But you can only benefit from this protection if you ensure that the law is being followed. So take a few extra moments to check up on these things before you ride in a passenger vehicle.

Wear Your Safety Belt

An unusual thing about passenger vehicles is the seeming belief that seatbelts are optional. People who would never drive their car without their seatbelt fastened don’t even think twice about riding in a passenger vehicle without their seatbelts.

This approach is irresponsible and deadly. If you get into a passenger vehicle, you should wear your seatbelt. If seatbelts are not provided, perhaps it is time to think twice about even riding in the vehicle.

By following these tips, you can help reduce your chance of injury or death in an accident. Your life and well-being are worth the extra effort.


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