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Top Tips for Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a long and frustrating process. There are mountains of paperwork to be completed that can be both tedious and complicated. To make matters worse, approximately two-thirds of SSD benefit applications are turned down after the first submission. If you hope to beat the odds, SSD experts recommend the following tips:

  • Plan to file an application for SSD as soon as you become disabled or are unable to work for a long time. Applications can take months to process, so you can improve your financial situation by applying immediately. The Social Security Administration considers a disability to be one that is expected to be permanent, last at least one year or cause death.
  • If you are confused by the paperwork, get help right away. The majority of SSD applications are rejected due to incomplete or missing information or missing the application deadline.
  • Plan to visit your doctor regularly so that he or she can document your disability. You will need to show sufficient medical evidence when you submit your application.

Still denied? Call a lawyer.

If you have done all of the above and your application still gets denied, it is time to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer. The Cleveland Social Security Disability attorneys at Nager, Romaine and Schneiberg, Co. LPA have the expertise you need to win your appeal. There are several layers of appeals in the SSD system and eventually you will need to appear in court. If you attend your appeal hearing with a lawyer, your chances of winning increase dramatically.

Our attorneys help prove your claim that you are unable to complete any type of work, which is an absolute requirement for disability benefits. When you can't work and feel like you are out of options, let our lawyers help you regain control of your life. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation appointment today.

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